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Frequently asked questions

What lengths of financing are available?

Contract Hire - 18-48 Months
Finance Lease - 24-48 Months
Contract Purchase - 24-48 Months
PCP - 24-48 Months
Lease Purchase - 12-60 Months
Hire Purchase - 12-60 Months
Outright Purchase - N/A

Who owns the vehicle at the end of the agreement?

Contract Hire - Finance Company
Finance Lease - Finance Company
Contract Purchase - Optional
PCP - Optional
Lease Purchase - Customer
Hire Purchase - Customer
Outright Purchase - N/A

Is delivery of the vehicle included?

Yes, delivery is included to a home or work address in the UK mainland.

Is the Road Fund included?

Depending on the type of contract chosen, our contracts will come with 12 months or for the duration of the contract.

Is vehicle warranty included?

Yes, you will receive the full manufacturer's warranty.

Is roadside assistance included?

You will have either 12 months or 3 years roadside assistance depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

Why would I need a maintenance contract?

We would recommend you consider maintenance if your annual mileage exceeds 20,000 miles per annum.

What does the maintenance contract cover?

Maintenance covers all routine servicing and maintenance costs as well as replacement of fair wear and tear items, including tyres. Essentially, any item that isn't covered under the manufacturer's warranty should be covered by the maintenance agreement.

Who services the vehicle?

The maintenance to the vehicle is your responsibility, unless you have a maintenance agreement.

Do I have to service the vehicle at a main dealer?

Usually, yes.

Is Gap insurance available to cover shortfalls between insurance?

Yes Gap is available but only to personal contracts, not to business users.

What happens if I do more miles than I'm contracted for?

Contract Hire - Excess mileage charge
Finance Lease - N/A
Contract Purchase - Excess mileage charge
Hire Purchase - N/A
Outright Purchase - N/A

What if I want to hand back early?

All contracts state that an 'early termination fee' is payable if the vehicle is handed back early. This is based on the market value of the vehicle when you want to end the contract, the mileage covered and the number of months left for the contract to run. An early termination figure can be obtained at any stage during the contract and will be valid for 28 days.

How is the vehicle collected at the end of a returnable contract?

We will contact you at the end of your contract to make arrangements to collect your vehicle from any address in the UK.

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